5 Different Types of Dog Foods You Must Know About

If you have been a dog owner, or plan on adopting one, their nutrition will be a primary concern for you. You would be surprised to know how much confusion there is regarding this, despite dogs being the most popular pets around.

The various brands marketing their product as the best only makes the matter more overwhelming. Even as your dog’s best friend, you may have your preferences. For example, you may prefer a canned diet or feed them raw dog food.

Whatever the case may be, it is better to know about the different types of dog food out there for an informed decision. Ensure that your pets do not become dehydrated or weak. Treat your dog with best food, see product info here to keep your pet happy and safe.


When it comes to feeding your canine friend, dry foods have a high preference among many. This is a type of commercial dog food that is highly economical. You don’t need to feed them in large quantities, so your stock lasts longer. Moreover, there is no need for refrigeration.

It also has some health benefits for your pet, like healthy teeth since they will be gnawing at it. As a result, it reduces the chance of any tartar build-up on your pet’s teeth. Always read the ingredients on the pack before feeding it to your dog.


When feeding your pet, you need to consider their taste, and dogs love canned food. Canned dog food also has a long shelf-life, like dry food. Dog lovers do not mind splurging a little for their loved pet, even if it is more costly. Canned dog food also contains more protein.

There is one significant drawback, though. Not all brands provide the same amount of digestible protein. As a result, sometimes, the indigestible part gets excreted without providing the necessary nutrition.

Raw Dog Food

Raw dog foodis close to what the ancestors of your dog ate. This type of food usually consists of muscle meat, ground bone, and organ meats. Some even contain raw eggs, fruits, and vegetables that are safe for your rover.

This diet also provides an ample amount of protein, calcium and phosphorus. Your dog can digest raw dog food easily because it is in their instinct. Plus, the stomach acid and shorter intestine help.

Home-Cooked Meals

Home-cooked meals are also a healthy option for many dog owners. However, you have to put in a lot of time and effort to cook meals daily for your dog. On the positive side, it gives the owner more control over the dog’s nutrition.

The only problem with this type of diet, other than the time, is that it is expensive. Not only will you have to take time out for cooking, but you also have to shop for items regularly.


Semi-moist commercial dog food usually comes in the shape of burgers and pork chops. These are probably the least nutritional to your dog as many artificial colouring and flavours are involved.

Feeding your pet is an important task, and every dog owner needs to commit to the job completely. If you want the best for your beloved canine friend, you must ensure that they get their complete nutrition and enjoy the food.

With this list, you will know exactly what to feed your dog. So, next time, keep the valuable points mentioned above in mind.