Top 7 Benefits Of Vaping vs Smoking | You Shouldn’t Ignore

Vape and cigarettes have distinguished features in them. Both of the inventions are deadliest but quite in use by the youth. But, from its texture to its weight, color, and prices, there is a vast difference.

Let’s discuss Smogvape, their flavors, quality, and pricing compared to cigarettes and compile them here.

Vape Vs. Cigarettes:


As compared to cigarettes, vape has multiple flavor options. Most liked flavors include mango blast, mint, apple, ice, and berry or strawberry. Each one of them has different smell. Also, it has different product configurations allowing users to adjust the volume of smoke according to their satisfaction.


It’s handy and can be easily carried since the machine is more powerful than cigarettes; it provides far more utility in a fewer number of drags as compared to cigarettes. However, the weight of a cigarette pack and a vape is different. Vape is more weighted than a pack of cigarettes.

Game changer elements

 The product comes with complete body modification. Color preferences and digital screens are the game changers for vape markets. Vapes of different categories have different screen sizes, their colors and body shapes are different too. Also, there is room for different shapes of the body as well. You can pick whichever you like the most. People can choose their own choice of color according to the ongoing trend.


As compared to cigarettes, vape ranges from a few bucks to a few brands. Unlike cigarettes, the best ones are always the expensive ones. Vapes have different categories, and that’s how their prices also vary from one another. The function is the same, but the prices are different. However, cigarettes are all the same, but if there is any slight change in the quality, the prices reach the sky.


 For people who don’t smoke, as passive smokers, cigarette smoke is very unpleasant to experience, whereas the vape would bother less due to the scent of the flavor.

Same manufacturing, different name strategy

 The more expensive, the better it is. There is tough competition between vape companies resulting in different forms of smoking products e.g., e-cigs, pens, pods, and big machines. These are all the same manufactures but are being sold with different names. That’s how the marketing strategy rules out.


It is easier to carry vape machines on international flights as there is no prohibition on it. However, cigarettes are not allowed on flights due to safety purposes. Therefore, the market for vape products becomes global; hence there’s always room for quality.

Big names in the market

 There are some big names in the vape market, as in Smog Vape, Smok, Vaporesso, and Joyetech. They haven’t earned fame overnight. The quality, durability, and new innovations make them lead the vape market, and this is why these e-cigarettes have given tough competition to cigarettes.


The external traits of a vape and a cigarette are quite different. There are less similarities in both the products. However, both of them are injurious to health and can be a source of destruction to the health of the person who smokes and the people who live with that person. Stay safe, stay protected.